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Draping and ceiling decor are the ultimate finishing touch and totally transform a room to create a romantic look or to reinforce your wedding theme or style. Draping  is one of the  most dramatic and cost-effective decorations for your wedding reception as no other decorative element has as much impact for the amount of money spent.

  • Hang the centerpieces to save room with banquet tables
    Hang the centerpieces to save room with banquet tables
  • Ombre room draping in purples!
    Ombre room draping in purples!
  • Full room draping
    Full room draping
  • Add in meaningful accents
    Add in meaningful accents
  • Dance floor draping creates a focal point and breaks up the ceiling
    Dance floor draping creates a focal point and breaks up the ceiling
  • Dance floor
    Dance floor
  • Buffets and food stations
    Buffets and food stations

Ceiling draping, backdrops, up lighting throughout the room and focal ceiling décor are becoming more and more popular especially as our brides look to save money by having their receptions at blank canvas venues that they can totally personalize.


 We offer a service that ranges from full room draping through to providing free-standing backdrops.  Draping can be used for the entire room, to create divisions in a large room or to hide unattractive curtains or features.  Ceiling drapes work well in high ceilinged rooms and rooms with beams, they look fantastic and can be supplied with or without lighting.

We primarily use luxurious crinkle taffeta fabric.  To suit your preferences, it can be gathered in elegant swags, flat canopy draped, or used to create modern designs. Options include twinkle lights, colored lighting effects, special fabrics and decorative accents. The drapery style and ceiling type will affect the items needed for installation. However, coupled with a few well-chosen ceiling decorations, your wedding venue can sparkle with charm and elegance for your big day


Ceiling Décor

 When it comes to wedding design, the sky is the limit. Literally. We love the idea of reverse centerpieces - hanging decor from the ceiling over the center of the table rather than having the traditional centerpiece placed on the table.

Hanging and suspended wedding decor is one of the best trends that we hope is here to stay. There’s something magical about saying your vows with flowers cascading from above or dancing the night away underneath a suspended wreath. Candles, lanterns, and even ribbon isn’t off the table, it’s literally on the ceiling and it’s quite spectacular.

Please call for an appointment to get a quote for full ceiling draping.

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