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Ceremony Decor

Once upon a time, a wedding ceremony wasn't a time for creativity. Since they usually took place in a house of worship, with Here Comes the Bride as processional music and a long straight aisle that ended at an altar.  Today, couples may (and usually do) take many more liberties with their ceremony.

Incorporating creative backdrops into wedding d├ęcor is the new growing trend of the modern bride. Theme backdrops can be an easy way to add a personal signature to your wedding day, and can be a cost effective way to add imagination and atmosphere. Frame the ceremony area with a magnificently decorated arbor, a pair of pedestals, swags of greenery or flowers, a backdrop, an altar, a chuppah or an arch - there is no limit.  Archways can be made of anything from flowers, leaves, branches, cloth, you name it!

Almost every ceremony includes flowers as part of its design. You don't necessarily have to match all the flowers that will be used at the ceremony and the reception, but staying within a color scheme brings a sense of uniformity to the look and feel of your wedding.