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What is too often thought of as a mere accent color, gold is coming out very strong and in a dominant color position.  This metallic has played second string to its more popular silver colored cousin, but gold is back in a big way.

Gold is timeless, elegant and will go with anything and is one of the most diverse colors. It can be sparkly or dull, casual or elegant and pairs well with either soft muted tones or bold, strong colors for any season.

Whether its burnished, patina, distressed or crackle, the added layer of texture it provides adds depth and dimension to items that can appear flat and unremarkable.

Metallics have been the shining star of wedding decor for a few years now so we don’t want to skip over the “other” metals that are catching our eye- copper and rose gold. Copper, with it’s warm and neutral hue, is huge for wedding decor and rose gold is that perfect sparkly accent for pink.