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Since 1982, we have strived to be the most innovative and creative event florist in the area. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations with creative and imaginative designs that stretch the boundries of traditional design. Our creative staff is dedicated to incorporating your colors and ideas into a finished product infusing art, color, lighting, linens and the beauty of nature to create an atmosphere unique only to your day.


Our staff has been around for years. The owner, Mom, started designing at Bob Moore Florist in 1969, and I used to play with flowers after school everyday while she worked. I guess that's when I first became a designer, at age 5. Not my best work to date, but it did play a role in getting myself, and Chalet Floral where we are today. The staff have all been in the business for no less than 9 years each, so it is obvious that we "LOVE" what we do each and every day. We have a genuine interest in making your day exactly what you want because at the end of the day, we want to see that big smile on your face ! Oh, and we are "huggers" !


I'm one of the owner's, Gerri's son. I got started part time in the business in high school. My major was accounting in college, so I tend to take care of the business side as well as design. I won the FTD Designer Of The Year in 2002 and my design style is edgy and ever changing with the times. I try to keep the whole bunch relaxed, light hearted and having fun so it never seems like "work" !


This is our veteran in the business, having designed for over 30 years now. Weddings are definetly her speciality. She is like a rock and stress is not in her vocabulary. Her design style is traditional to garden and also absolute perfection. Her attention to detail is unparalleled. If you want to make her smile, bring in the kids, she can't resist !


This is my right hand man. He loves working at Chalet so much he drives in everyday from Grand Rapids to be here. Jamie is the "face" of most of our weddings and loves to talk to brides and help plan their day. His design style is best described as "The WOW Factor" and his creativity is unbelievable. If you sit down to plan your wedding with him, you'll come away with some new twists of your ideas and a sense of confidence in Chalet Floral. His sense of humor and fun loving personality makes a huge asset to our team and you'll have fun planning the floral part of your day!


This is the baby of the bunch, but don't ever call her that. I've never seen so much talent in such a young designer. At only 27, she handles all the intricate elements of the wedding, he attention to detail in small pieces, like corsages, is only described as a work of art. This designer will be around for a long time. With only 9 years in the business, she will become a well known talent in this area. Don't hold it against her, but she is a huge Dallas Cowboy's fan. (Go Lion's !)


Tom is our main delivery guy. He is the face that most people see if they don't come into the store. Tom represents us in a way that tells about our business philosophy. He has been known to not only deliver flowers, but goodwill also. He has changed tires for stranded people, shoveled out cars stuck in the snow , carried flowers in for people that couldn't, and even delivered flowers for other floral shops and fixed their plants that had dead leaves. If you wondered exactly who Mr.Nice Guy is - well. it's Tom !