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Purple and Lavender Weddings

Purple is an introspective color. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. Choosing purple as your wedding color will create a mood of individuality, mystery and fantasy. The darker shades of purple were linked with nobility in the past and imply sensuality and individuality. The lighter shades are more romantic and feminine, and a perfect choice for your wedding colors. Lavender: With a slightly bluish tinge, lavender is sensitive, fragile, feminine and nostalgic. Lilac: This color has a slightly pinkish hue to it. It inspires glamour, romance and vanity. Amethyst: This is the color of the evolved soul. Plum: Plum is a reddish purple. It can appear old-fashioned, but it is honorable and linked to family traditions. Deep Purple: Dark purple is related to nobility and higher spiritual attainment
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