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Poly Table Cloths

Polyester table linens are made from a seamless polyester material with a hemmed edge giving a delicate and elegant appearance to the overall look of the table. Round tables can be decorated with either round or square tablecloths, and are traditionally used at weddings because circles are symbolic of eternal unity. Our polyester tablecloths are available in many different colors.

Most venues and caterers provide a square poly linen for your guest tables. When you only use a square tablecloth, there will be a portion where the table cloth will hang longer and the other portion shorter. This could be a fine option when used with chair covers which will hide the open area under the shorter portion. However, if you are using Chivari chairs, white wood chairs or no chair covers at your event, keep in mind you will be able to see through the legs and under the table in the shorter drop areas.

Tablecloth Sizing

The length of the table cloth that you choose would depend on the size of the table diameter and also how much of the cloth you want to be seen hanging. For formal dinner, a table cover that hangs all the way to the ground is usually used, but you may prefer a 15" inch drop about halfway to the floor.

We hope that the table linen sizing charts below will be a useful resource for you to determine the best choice for your table shape and size. For the purposes of the charts below, a standard banquet table height of 30 inches is assumed. Therefore, a drop of 30 inches would indicate a floor-length table linen drop.

Standard sizes for common round tables:

  • 48 inch round table: 70 inch cloth
  • 60 inch round table: 90 inch cloth for a drop that goes halfway to the floor, 108 for ¾ drop, 120 inch for a full drop.
  • 72 inch round table: 120 inch cloth, or a 132 inch for a full drop

This image to the left illustrates the different drops created by three different sized linens on a 60" round table.

  • The 90" Round tablecloth has a 15" drop
  • The 108" Round tablecloth has a 24" drop
  • The 120" Round tablecloth has a 30" drop (making it floor-length).

Rectangular Tables

Standard tablecloth sizes for rectangular tables:

  • 6 foot rectangular banquet table: 90x132 tablecloth
  • 8 foot rectangular banquet table: 90x156 tablecloth
Poly Tablecloth Pricing
Pricing is for all colors of poly linens
 108" round
 $10 each
 2/3 drop on 5' round guest table
 120" round
 $10 each
 floor length on 5' round guest table
or floor length cocktail table unbanded
 132" round
 $12 each
 floor lenth on 6' round guest table
or banded coctail table
 60" x 126" rectangular
 $8 each
 1/2 drop on 8' banquet table
 90" x 132" rectangular
 $10 each
 floor length on 6' banquet table
 90" x 156" rectangular
 $10 each
 floor length on 8' banquet table

Available in white, ivory, silver, black and chocolate