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Tuxedo Online Ordering Instructions 

Ordering your suit or tuxedo online couldn't be easier!  Just follow the instructions below to select your styles and then come into get measured, or visit your local Jim's Formalwear and get your measurements to call them in to us.

Ideally follow this guideline:

3 months before the wedding or event - select your suit/tux choices with colors and styles

1 month before - provide measurements or come in to get measured

5 days before - come in to try on or they should arrive at your home if you live outside of Muskegon.

     Try them on as soon as you can to make sure the fit is good.

Monday after the event - return the rentals by 6pm.

1.  Click here to begin your online order -  browse the website

2.   The page should show that the tuxedos are coming from Chalet Floral here in Muskegon.

Once on this page, you will need to create an account by clicking on the “Login” link in the upper right hand corner

3.  Enter your email address, create a password, contact methods, and create a new event. For the event name it will be Your last name and then Wedding  i.e.  “Smith Wedding”

4.   Enter in the date of the event, choose “Wedding” for the event type from the drop down, select your role as “Groom”

5.   Click the tab that says “Create a Look”

6.   Begin by choosing the style of tuxedo that you would like for yourself.

7.   Customize the look with the blue tabs at the top and choose the shirt, tie, vest, shoe and finish options until you have the look you like.

8.   When you are happy with your choices click “Complete

9.   It will display a list of the codes we will need - then click “Save this Look” to the wedding event you have already created.

10.   For name of the look type in “Groom”

11.   Click “Continue Building”

12.  It will take you back to Tux Builder and repeat the steps for the groomsmen, Dads, ushers, ringbearer, etc labelling each look with the appropriate title.  It will be saved to the same event.

13.   When finished choosing the looks click on “Go to Event”. This will bring up all the looks you have created. If you would like to adjust one of the tux selections for a role, then delete that selection and create a new one.

14.  When satisfied, click “Add Members”. Enter the name, choose the role and provide the phone number and email address for all bridal party members requiring tuxedos.

15.   Assign the “Looks”  for each role to the appropriate event members

16.   Click “Save”

17.   At this point, the retailer should be selected as Chalet Floral if you began on our website. Otherwise, follow through with the instructions listed below to ensure we receive your order.

     a.  Click on “Choose Retailer”

     b.  Change city to Muskegon, MI or zip code 49441

     c.  Select Chalet Floral

     d.   Click “Select Retailer” in the bottom right hand corner.

     e.   Click “Review & Submit”

18.  Make any necessary changes to the look and member wearing, making sure all names are spelled correctly and all contact information is entered for the party members as needed. 

19.   Click “Submit Event Information”.

At any point, you can save and log out and return later to finish building your ideal wedding Tux rental.